The internet is used often for all kinds of things. That became even more true when it started being commercialized. If you are trying to teach students about this important moment in history, take these steps. 

Make It Relevant to Their Lives

Sometimes, lessons are more effective when they have a direct impact on students' lives. Teaching about the commercialization of the internet shouldn't be hard in this regard because your students use the internet every day to accomplish different tasks.

If you can show them this throughout your lessons, then they'll be more appreciative of this amazing resource that continues to evolve over the years. You can show how each student in your class is positively impacted by the commercialization of the internet. Then they'll probably be more receptive to these lessons and remember information better.

Show the Evolution of the Internet

Even after the internet was first commercialized back in the 90s, it has continued to involve. Now, people can profit from the internet in endless ways. You want to show this evolution to your students so that they gain perspectives that they previously didn't have.

They see internet commercialization as a somewhat finished product today, but you can show them the steps that were taken to get the internet to where it is today from a commercial standpoint. That should give your students that much more respect for this tool that some probably take for granted. 

Bring in Internet Experts

You may have a pretty good comprehension of the commercialization of the internet, but to dig deep into this history and the impact of this monumental event, you might want to bring in internet experts. You can have professional speakers come in to talk about this subject matter with your class when you have some free time.

They'll give your students facts that they probably couldn't access by using the internet itself. These experts will bring some hard-hitting information with them that can shape your students' view on the internet and how it's used to make money today for a lot of different industries around the world.

Teaching about the commercialization of the internet is important for students today. They rely on this resource almost every single day and seeing how it has changed through commercialization will benefit them tremendously. Just make sure you use the right teaching methods that have the best chance of leaving a lasting impact.