Being up in the air as a passenger is one thing, but being the pilot is an entirely different experience. If you enjoy traveling a lot, a new adventure, and some exhilaration, then becoming a pilot may be the best route for you to take in your career. Similar to other careers, you will have to go through schooling and training in order to get both your commercial or your private pilot's license. To help you determine whether or not this is something you want to do professionally, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

FAQ 1: How long is flight school? 

The minimum number of hours that you will have to complete in order to get your pilot's license is 1500 and is typically required to be completed within a two year limit. Although this may seem like a lot of time in the air, it's definitely something that's doable.

FAQ 2: Is An Aviation Degree Required? 

One question that a lot of people have about aviation training in general is the amount of schooling that's required. If you want to work for a large commercial airline or even a private airliner, they may require that you have a bachelor's degree in aviation. A bachelor's degree will require you to go to four years of college and then you will also need to do your hours in the air.

FAQ 3: Can You Get Your License If You Wear Corrective Lenses? 

One common myth that people hear about pilots is that they can't wear corrective lenses if they want to fly. The answer to that is so false. In fact, a lot of pilots wear either contact lenses or glasses when they fly. However, you do have to have 20/20 vision in order to get your license and maintain it which means that you will have to update your prescription on a regular basis. 

FAQ 4: Is Flight School Expensive? 

Flight training programs can be thousands of dollars, but if you lock in a job with an airline, they may pay for some of the fees so that you don't have to front the costs. If you don't have a job lined up, then ask about scholarship opportunities or grants that may be available. 

Going to a flight training program can be a life-changing opportunity. If you want to learn a little bit more about flight training and school, reach out to some programs near you.