There are many times in life when you may find that you are struggling. Your career and relationships are two areas when you tend to notice your struggles the most. By now, you may feel like you should be further along in your career than you are, or you may be wishing that you had a stable romantic relationship but still haven't found the right special someone. Although you cannot put a timeline on when you should hit certain life milestones, the feeling that you are falling behind on reaching your potential is cause for concern. Now that you are ready to make a life change, you can use these three benefits of watching self help videos to help you start to see progress. 

Utilize More of Your Spare Time for Self-Improvement

One of the reasons why people become stagnant is that they stop investing time in developing themselves. You might have stopped researching ways to be more confident or make more friends once you got too busy with work or school to think about yourself. With videos, you don't have to spend hours reading a lengthy book just to finally see the point. Instead, you can quickly pull up the self-help website anytime that you have access to the internet. This means that you can watch a quick video while you are on your lunch break or waiting for an appointment. Every second counts, and you can utilize the spare ones in your day to improve yourself.

Address Multiple Life Challenges at Once

You may also be floundering in more than one area of your life since many skills build upon each other. For instance, your unhappiness with your career may impact your ability to promote a positive self-image on your dates. Working on more than one issue is easy when you can watch several different videos. As you do, think about how each new understanding works with the others.

Rewatch Lessons to Increase Your Understanding

Self-development often requires repetition to help you turn new ways of thinking and behaviors into automatic habits. You can watch a video multiple times to help reinforce the concept in your mind. Watching videos also gives you both auditory and visual stimulation that helps to engage more parts of your brain. If you struggle with remembering a concept, all you have to do is rewatch the video. Keeping the information current in your mind makes it easier to apply to your everyday life.